Why do we „milk“ almonds (and cashews, and haselnuts ….) instead of cows?

There are many reasons, the first being that fresh, handmade nutmilks are so tasty. We wanted to give the people who have no time, skill or equipment to make their own nut milks at home a chance to enjoy them daily.

Raw, handmade plant milks are full of vitamins, proteins, minerals and enzimes, while being low in calories. We don’t use pasterization and high-pressure processing that destroy these natural amenities. All our milks are lactose, antibiotics, additives, conservatives and aroma- free, and there is no added sugar.

More and more people are giving up cow milk for different reasons – from lactose – intolerance, to going vegan, or simply because they want to make space for more plant - based natural food in their diet. We wanted to provide them with a healthy and tasty alternative to industrial milk substitutes that can be found in stores. Although usually placed in health food aisles, industrial made plant milks are rich in various additives and very low in real nuts. Warning: once you taste Komleko, you will hardly ever go bak to industrial plant milks.

On top of all that, we personally believe the future lies in fresh, natural and pure plant - based foods, where no living beings is treated as a means of industrial production.

Finally, there is a bit of local patriotism there, too: Belgrade deserves to have its own 100% plant - based and natural dairy shop!

Help! There is a sediment on the bottom of my bottle. What should I do?

Just shake it well! Actually, it’s a good idea to shake your bottle of Komleko before every use. Since there are no added emulsifiers or additives, it is perfectly normal for a natural, pure fresh milk to form a sediment at the bottom of a bottle after some time in the fridge.

How long does Komleko stay fresh?

Komleko arrives at you address the same day it is made. Keep it refrigerated and consume within 3 days. If you think you will not be able to drink it all up within the three days (which rarely happens ) no problem: pour it in an ice bag or ice box, freeze it and use frozen Komleko for smoothies, coffee or whenever you need it.

Do you deliver to my hood too?
You can check on this map if your address is within our delivery zone.
Can you use Komleko for baking and cooking?

Absolutely! Although it is great fresh and raw, apart from smoothies and raw recipes you can use Komleko as you would any other milk: in coffee, sweets, soups, sauces and any other recipe you can think of!